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Should I get a legal separation?

When it comes time to admit that your marriage is irreparable -- for whatever personal reason -- it's also time to decide if you will seek a "legal separation" first or go straight into a divorce. Although most Nevada couples simply think that divorce is the way to go, there are some great benefits to legal separation that you might want to consider.

Is legal separation better than divorce for older couples?

More older couples are getting divorced than ever before. Nonetheless, many couples in their 50s and above who no longer want to be together find that it's either too complicated to untangle decades of financial involvement or not beneficial to either of them to do so.

Making sense of the legal separation filing process in Las Vegas

When a couple decides to pull the plug on their relationship, it's not all that uncommon that there may be hurt feelings between the pair which may, in turn, cause there to be legal wrangling involving financial matters, rights to housing, and other issues. It's during this time that couples can easily fall into the trap of assuming that no formalized agreement needs to be put in place to document this new chapter in their lives.

The benefits of legal separation

Some Nevada couples may want to receive some of the benefits of divorce while retaining other benefits of marriage. For these couples, legal separation may be the answer. With legal separation, spouses can remain married while living away from one another and establishing legal agreements concerning property division, child custody and other matters.

When living apart from your spouse, legal separation protects you

You think your marriage isn't working out, but you don't want to rush right out and get a divorce. You want a trial period, first, where you split up and live on your own. You think you might fix the marriage in time and don't want to be too hasty about breaking it off entirely.

Legal separation in Nevada

Legal separation is a way for couples to take a time-out from their marriage rather than moving forward with divorce. In some cases, separation is a way to prepare for and resolve the majority of the decisions that will be involved in a divorce. In other cases, it's a way for couples to end and resolve specific aspects of their marriages while still remaining technically married.

Preventing many financial problems during legal separation

Most states allow married couples who just aren't ready for divorce to file for a legal separation. The reasons for wanting this separation can be numerous, such as because of health care coverage, religious readings, Social Security benefits or family benefits among other things.

What are the different kinds of legal separation?

Rather than going into divorce proceedings, many Las Vegas parents decide to enter into a legal separation. For some spouses, a legal separation could come with some specific advantages, particularly for spouses with complex financial situations that could take time to organize leading up to a divorce. This article will discuss three primary types of separation.

Legal separation as an alternative to divorce

Through legal separation, Nevada couples can dissolve different parts of their marriage agreement without actually finalizing their divorce. Legal separation is an excellent way for married couples to take a long-term break from their marriage -- especially in cases where either one or the other spouse is not quite certain about beginning divorce proceedings.